How to Get the Best Out of Profile Pictures

The profile picture is what identifies us and sets us apart from the vast world of social media. It’s the first thing people see of you when you’re interacting with the online community, and without it, you’d be lost to the huge amount of people within the different social media platforms. Profile pictures are a major part of our online identity, so we want to make sure that look great. What if you want to make a good impression but don’t know how?


Depending on what you want people to recognize, your profile picture will reflect that. If you take pride in a certain aspect of your appearance, try bringing that forward in your photo. For example, if you want people to see that you’re a friendly yet professional individual, you’d wear professional clothing in the photo to outline your professionalism. You’d also be smiling to showcase your friendly and approachable aura. Knowing what you want people to see first of you is key to having a great profile picture.


Another thing to consider before setting your profile picture would be to try and view it from another person perspective. Think about someone else within the social media platform viewing your photo, how does it look? Does it communicate everything you want it to? If you’re contemplating your profile picture for business social media sites like LinkedIn, looking at your profile picture from a potential employer’s point of view is important. Especially if you’re seeking a job through sites like LinkedIn, it’d be a good idea to give the overall appearance of professionalism within your profile picture.  Having a selfie with no shirt on will not leave a good taste in your potential employee’s eyes.  This could cost you from getting your foot in the door.  Nowadays, top agencies across the world are paid to hunt down social media accounts and to review all activity to see if you are a possible fit.

Profile Pictures

Our profile pictures allow others to identify and translate what they perceive from the photos. The best thing about this is that we get to choose what we want others to perceive us as. In real life, on the other hand, that’s something we don’t have as much control over as we do within the social media community. This is why people’s profile pictures are often seemingly their best photos of themselves, and for good reason. The social media platforms we post our profile pictures on allow us to create and bring forth the best in ourselves and online appearance.


The importance of profile pictures can be compared to that of our physical bodies. Without our physical appearance, no one would be able to recognize or identify us. Needless to say, there is no bad profile picture just like how there are no bad appearances. They are both just simply translated by what we feel suits us best and what we want to say to the world, without saying a word at all. A profile picture is not only important but also powerful in that sense. We have the ability to replicate the best qualities we see in ourselves and put that forward, further proving that sense of empowerment. In order to succeed on the social media platform, having a profile photo that we’re proud of is essential.


Sizing Up Women’s Clothing

After nine months of wearing maternity clothing I was anxious to hit the stores and get some new outifts.  I found these amazing local boho stores by the house that I had to go check out. Anyone with a child or a baby knows how difficult it is to shop for clothing, let alone actually trying things on. Nevertheless, my maternity clothing was hanging off me, but my regular clothes were still too tight. I had to get something to wear.

I loaded up the kids and hit the department stores. With the baby fussing, I knew I’d be taking my chances and probably wouldn’t have the luxury of trying anything on. I’d play it safe and get large and extra large T-shirts, a skirt or two and some stretchy shorts. In the “misses” section of Kohl’s they had T-shirts on sale for 50% off. I loaded up on several extra large T-shirts without trying them on.

I’m not a big woman, I’m average sized but I like my T-shirts to be nice and roomy. Even with my new and improved boobs (I’m nursing), I’m still a medium. Imagine my surprise when I got home and the extra large T-shirts were too small!

What happened to the vanity sizing of women’s clothing? Remember when a size 12 would be labeled as a size 8 so that women would feel flattered? I hated that system but at least there was some consistency, you knew to try on sizes a few sizes smaller than you actually were.

Has the pendulum swung the other way? Do I need to be shopping in the “plus” size section? Instead of trying on size 8’s, do I need to try on size 18? Has my changing body swelled beyond what I’m willing to admit? Or is the “misses” section the new “juniors”?

Standard sizing for women’s clothing is non-existent. Sizing varies from store to store, manufacturer to manufacturer and sometimes even by designer. To make it more confusing, add in the different size categories: juniors, misses, women’s, petites and plus sizes. A junior’s size 8 is different from a women’s size 8.

• Junior’s sizes are designed for teens and younger women with slimmer hips and busts than those found in misses sizes.

• Misses/Women’s sizes come in even numbered sizes such as 8, 10, 12 etc.

• Plus sizes use the same even numbering system but usually have a W after them such as 16W, 18W

• Petites are designed for women under 5’4″.

• Tall sizes are designed for women over 5’9″.

Lands’ End has a virtual model where you can enter your measurements and get clothing that supposedly fits. I think I may need to try that next!


Coachella style tips for the perfect music festival outfit

If you have been meaning to attend Coachella, you may also have been wondering about what to wear to the festival. Coachella is not only for music, but is also a fashion destination. With so many celebrities pouring in from all over the world and so much media attention, it definitely counts to be dressed well for the event. You should be opting for something that allows super comfort, does not distract while also making you look extra glamorous.  Make sure you buy your bohemian attire a couple weeks before Coachella so you will have your prefect outfit ready to go. The tips given below will definitely help you nail the perfect look. .

  1. Comfortable footwear

When you are at Coachella, you are going to be walking a lot. It’s a three-day festival in all and you will definitely cover at least 6 miles per day, in the open heat, so it counts to have comfortable footwear.

The footwear that works great for the festival are chunky and embellished flats, ankle boots and trendy sneakers. If you are going to be wearing heels, make sure that you are going for a comfortable one like block heels so that you are not compromising comfort over style. After all, you have so much of walking and dancing to do.

  1. Hat

When you are at Coachella, you are going to be exposed to the sun for hours. So instead of a flower crown, you could go for a wide-brimmed hat instead. This will keep you looking chic and also protect you from the sun. If wearing a straw hat is not your style, you can also go for Panamas and baseball caps for the same effect.

  1. Sunscreen

Depending on how early you leave for the festival, keep reapplying sunblock several times a day. This little step will keep you from getting red and keep you in good shape to enjoy the festival until the last day. Also, remember to use a chap stick with SPF to avoid dried and scorched lips.

  1. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must at Coachella. Choose the frame that best flatters your face shape. Aviators, cats eyes, round frames, there is so much you can choose from. Slightly oversized sunglasses will add a very cool and trendy touch to your outfit. This way, you will not have to squint through the bright sun and also, the glasses will protect your eyes from all the dust that goes around floating in the air.

  1. Hair

You are going to Coachella to have fun. So do not your hair stand in the way. You can pull it back in a messy, high ponytail, do a high bun or even go for pig tails. This will be to your advantage; it is going to be very crowded at Coachella, so keeping your hair tucked away will save you from all the unnecessary tangles. Also the temperature is going to be high, the Coachella music festival is held at that time of the year when the sun is at its peak. So you are going to sweat a lot. Having your hair out of the way will keep you from looking extra messy and feeling cool.

  1. Layers

Coachella is very hot during the day, but the temperature drops down at night. If you are in the midst of the crowd, you may not feel the cold so much. But it sure gets chilly once you pull back from the crowd. Therefore, make sure that you pack stylish jackets or a poncho to keep yourself warm.

  1. Cross body bags

When you are at the festival, you surely do not want to stay encumbered with a handbag. So go for a cross body bag instead. This will add a laidback and outgoing touch to your look. You will be able to enjoy more at the festival.

  1. Statement pieces

When it comes to music festivals, you really do not have to take the trouble of stacking yourself up with a pile of jewelry. Doing so, will only weigh you down and keep you from having a good time. Go for lighter jewelry instead. Statement necklaces and earrings are a safe pick. You could add more fun by incorporating feathers and fringes to your jewelry. Also, make sure that you keep your make up to as minimal as possible.



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